King Sabata
Port St Johns
Ingquza Hill

The O.R Tambo District covers most of the former Tanskei. Umtata is the main centre, and the O.R Tambo covers most of the Wild Coast and Pondoland. The district has a sub-tropical coastal belt, especially from Port St. Johns northwards. It has some game reserves that have indigenous forests. Pondoland, being nearly the most fertile areas in South Africa, has warm temperatures and good soils with frost-free conditions. Some of the other major towns in the district are Mqanduli, Port St. Johns, Qumbu, Lusikisiki and Bizana.

Fauna and flora still dominate most of the unspoilt natural vegetation in most tourist attraction areas. This is attributed to the fact that areas like Port St Johns, Hole in the Wall, Coffee Bay, Mkambathi Game reserve are still largely underdeveloped and even small developments in terms of buildings do not affect the greenery and tranquillity prevailing.

The tourism in O.R Tambo is cantered on the breath taking Wild Coast, which is a host to many resorts and nature reserves. Port St. Johns is developing as a tourism destination The Pondoland coast is one of the most spectacular eco-tourism destinations in South Africa and is going to be host to an expanded nature and marine reserve. The Nelson Mandela Museum, in Umatata and Qunu, houses the history of the struggle against apartheid and the life of Nelson Mandela. The government is the chief employer in the economy and they employ thousands of people in the formal and informal sectors.

Attraction Highlights

Silaka Nature Reserve
This 400ha reserve lies in the forested valley between Second Beach and Sugarloaf Rock just south of Port St Johns.
Mlengana Mountain
Some legends have it that this mountain was used as a place of execution.
Hluleka Nature Reserve
Some 772ha in extent, it is on the coast midway between Coffee Bay and Port St Johns, some 90km from Mthatha.
Tsitsa Falls
The jewel in the crown of Mhlontlo and one of the biggest and most impressive waterfalls in South Africa.
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