Located on the N2, northwest of Mthatha, Mhlontlo comprises the two towns of Qumbu and Tsolo. Still developing as a tourist destination, Mhlontlo has a number of unique natural attractions that rival some of the best in the world. Be the first of your friends to have seen such impressive sights as the spectacular Thina and Tsitsa Falls, Ntlangano and the Thina River Ribbon.

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Still developing as a tourist destination, Mhlontlo has a number of unique natural attractions that rival some of the best in the world. Mhlontlo invites you to experience the warmth of amaMpondomise through traditional dances, singing and accommodating tourists to a guest house offering traditional meals and an authentic cultural experience.

Adventure tourists can take up the challenge of finding previously undiscovered San (Bushman) rock art or hidden waterfall caves, indigenous forests, waterfall rivers, historic and archaeological sites, and endemic flora and fauna. Tsolo, located just off the N2 is a gateway to the Maloti route with mountainous regions such as Tsolo mountain allowing you a splendid view of the Drakensburg Mountains.

Mhlontlo Local Municipality falls within the OR Tambo District Municipality and incorporates the towns Qumbu and Tsolo. It lies on the north east side of the Eastern Cape alongside the N2 route between Mthatha and Mount Frere and the R396 between Tsolo and Maclear. The municipality was named after King Mhlontlo, the last monarch to rule the amaMpondomise tribe. Although the royal line has not been officially recognised since the British colonial government purported to abolish it on the grounds that Mhlontlo was implicated in the killing of a magistrate, the line of succession has never been broken. Currently there many calls for the kingdom of the amaMpondomise to be officially reinstated and if this were to happen, the amaMpondomise leader would become the seventh recognised king within the Eastern Cape.

Some of the adventures are so unique and undiscovered, that we recommend you take a guide to assist you in your travels.


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Explore the O.R. Tambo District

Discover Rock Art
Go back in time and discover the numerous rock art sites around Mhlontlo. Many are yet to be discovered so contact a guide at the local municipality to explore the area for hidden rock art.
Tsitsa Falls
The jewel in the crown of Mhlontlo and one of the biggest and most impressive waterfalls in South Africa.
Traditional Dancing
A visit to this region would not be complete without a live traditional dance viewing.
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