Mhlontlo Attractions

History and Heritage, Qumbu

The Mhlontlo Municipality is rich in both cultural and natural heritage sites. It is a land of missionaries, with the Shawbury and St Cuthberts Missions being testimony to how important heritage is to us.

History and Heritage, Qumbu

This monument was dedicated in recognition of Chief Ludidi Ka Mthimkuluā€™s struggle to establish the Hlubisi as a great nation.

Explore the O.R. Tambo District

Discover Rock Art
Go back in time and discover the numerous rock art sites around Mhlontlo. Many are yet to be discovered so contact a guide at the local municipality to explore the area for hidden rock art.
Tsitsa Falls
The jewel in the crown of Mhlontlo and one of the biggest and most impressive waterfalls in South Africa.
Traditional Dancing
A visit to this region would not be complete without a live traditional dance viewing.
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