Ingquza Hill Attractions

History and Heritage, Mbotyi

Take the signposted road to Nkantolo Village from just south of Bizana to reach the OR Tambo Garden of Remembrance.

History and Heritage, Mbotyi

This East Pondoland Mission was established in 1911 and was named the Mission of the Holy Cross. It was officially opened by Chief Sigcau and just a few years down the line, the church Holy Cross had 165 candidates to be confirmed, four villages and 140 0

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Mkhambathi Nature Reserve
The Mkhambathi Nature Reserve is situated on the coast of north-eastern Pondoland and has lots to offer the tourist.
Northern Pondoland VBA Hike
Led by a passionate local guide, trailists will be treated to warm amaXhosa hospitality at a village homestay in Xolobeni (near Nyameni) on the first night of the trail.
All along the Wild Coast one can find evidence of the remains of ships that have been caught by monster waves or sudden storms and dashed onto the rocks.
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